recent poem

Prayer to the Beaver
(published in Anchor Magazine, November 2017)

Your small brown head peaks
up between our two canoes,
dives back under, a flat tail slapping
trails of moving water one of us points to
with an oar. We wait in silence
among the water lilies scattered
in the shiny wet pads, the shallows
full in this August season. Patience
brings us to this moment—everything
we’ve ever suffered behind us in the stillness
of an evening’s gloam. Separation suddenly
falls away like a waning moon.
Loons cry in the distance
like they’re mourning the dead. Then
the screech of an eagle, a fledgling
swooping from a giant pine
as we paddle further, our oars peeling
through grasses, with skidders gliding
along the surface. We pause,
anticipating your return
while the sky turns a soft-lavender-
rose across the horizon. I will
remain still all night
because my life depends on it.

Recent published essay November 2017 in Assay Journal