recent poem

Belief Systems

I once believed in them allóSanta Claus,
the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy,
every cleaned pistol on our kitchen table,
and every soldierís basic infantry manual
essential for our lives. I believed
Iíd never grow up, that I would eventually
read every book at the base library,
that Mrs. Moffatt my 4th grade teacher loved me
like a daughter. I believed twelve schools
in twelve years was normal,
that life at home would settle down. I believed
the President, my fatherís company commander,
the Germans who never mentioned Jews. I believed
in Jesus who would save us all. I believed
that the priest I once went to speak with
knew what path I should take,
even when I rang his bell well past midnight.
I believed that my husband meant what he said.
I believed everyone in The Department got paid
the same, fairly and on time. I believed my efforts
would get me somewhere, though
I never knew where that somewhere was.

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