poetry chapbook (2014)
"Gail Hosking’s poems grapple with the tug of memory, love and loneliness as they explore her father’s military service in Vietnam, his ultimate death there and the affect that his loss had on his family. Whether she is kneeling to light incense at the Quon Loi airstrip or remembering her high school job flipping burgers, Hosking is observant, calm. But don’t be fooled: Hosking’s is a gutsy calm borne of looking difficulty in the face and of consciously taming her own anguish and anger, emotions that run deep in her like the uncontrolled cheetahs she dreams of setting loose on Nixon’s golden retriever. And Hosking’s humor, which rises unexpectedly and satisfyingly, comes from the same hard-earned place. " Trish Crapo
“Now I have prepared your body properly for burial. What was once blown apart by war has been made whole again.”
–Gail Hosking
Poetry Anthology
Anthology of women's voices
“Gail Hosking follows the pull of the tiger that immerses her in her own voice and takes it forward to unknown places.”
–Karen Waldron

Come Together: Imagine Peace

poems edited by Smith and Metres
Bottom Dog Press