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Visiting Frost: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Robert Frost

University of Iowa Press, edited by Coghill and Tammaro

“I’ve been reading the poems in this remarkable anthology with pleasure for the past month or so, freshly struck by the force of Robert Frost as an influence on modern and contemporary poets. Frost remains a touchstone for many—if not most—poets who come after him. That so many interesting and strong poets have reached back into his work self-consciously and audaciously is the interesting news delivered by this book, and this news is likely to inspire and entertain a wide range of readers.
‘There is a singer everyone has heard,’ and that singer is Robert Frost. He had a lovely, strong, passionate, idiosyncratic, violent, sharp, deep, whimsical, witty, and wise voice. The reality presented by this anthology is that many gifted poets have listened to his songs, and they have found the tunes marvelous, and they have chosen to respond to those airs in their own measure, in their own strong voices. In this there is cause for celebration.”

–Jay Parini