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Risk, Courage and Women: Contemporary Voices in Prose and Poetry

Edited by Karen A. Waldron et al
University of North Texas Press
“Best of the Best” from American University Presses 2008

Traveling Words

Conversion: The Trail of a Resident Alien

“As it opened, the cycle of the book also closes with the words of Dr. Maya Angelou. Reflecting that each of us has gradually become ‘a bordered country,’ she proclaims the words of ‘A Rock, A River, A Tree’ to put war aside. Her words are music to the writers of this book, as they have crossed so many borders and long for a peace to finally be themselves.
Umberto Eco noted, ‘The reader completes the text.’ We hope that you, our readers, will complete the text of your own life by following the journeys of these courageous women.”

–Karen Waldron in the introduction